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About Me


Hello! I'm Randa and if you're anything like me you may be a seeker of true healing, infinite possibilities and a whole lot more magic and fun.


If so, you are in the right place...

Here you will find tips and resources to assist you on your wonderful life adventure to empower you.​


If you have ever been called different, weird, strange or anything else in kind, I’m here to tell you that is your greatest gift.

I chose to become a transformational coach because I have discovered and continue to find miraculous tools to facilitate change in every area of life. Like many I have experienced depression, sexual, body and financial abuse. I now continue to use these tools everyday and my life gets greater and greater. How does it get better that that?

It is my target to let anyone know that no matter what has happened in your past change, happiness, healing and so much more is possible for you, if you choose it.

I have always know that life could be wonderful and so much more than we have been lead to believe. What is it you know about life and living that no one else does?

In my personal life I also work in the film & Tv industry and enjoy many other creative endeavours playing and singing music to name a few. What is it that bring you joy that you could be choosing? 

The more we choose the things that bring us joy, the greater our life becomes and hint hint money follows joy! 

So what is it you have been asking for and how can I contribute to you?

Thanks for subscribing!

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