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Are you acting like a Caterpillar when you have already transformed into a butterfly?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

What to do when you’re “feeling overwhelmed & crazy”

Over the last few years I have been using the wonderful and sometimes wacky tools of Consciousness, in my life and business. I have to be honest the more I do the more my life shows up miraculous and magical. When we choose to become more conscious and aware that is often the case, life becomes a lot more easier and fun.

With choosing more consciousness comes a lot of new awarenesses, information and different energies. Sometimes it can ‘feel’ overwhelming and you can feel just a little bit crazy!

Moving into different spaces and places in life can be uncomfortable, simply because you’ve never been there before but it is not wrong and most importantly you are not wrong.

Change can be uncomfortable at times. Imagine you are like a Caterpillar that has been in lovely cozy cocoon and the all of sudden your body literately starts changing and morphing into a new creature. Your colour is different, your shape has changed and you start growing big beautiful wings. The cozy cocoon is no longer cozy at all, in fact it’s just damn uncomfortable. You’ve outgrown it, you require way more space, you gotta burst out of there and fly with you new big beautiful colourful wings. You are no longer a Caterpillar you are beautiful rainbow butterfly and you can fly. What if we are more like that?

Here are 11 tools and questions you can use to have some more space and ease as you transform into a butterfly.

  1. Be kind to yourself, what kindness can you be for you and your body today?

  2. What can you be grateful for about you?

  3. What can you now choose and be?

  4. When you’re really in your head and are over thinking, say this ten times out loud or in your head; EVERYTHING IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE AND NOTHING IS OPPOSITE OF WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE. It’s called the ‘crazy phrase’ give it a go.

  5. Get your bars run, the bars in a gentle hands on touch therapy on the head there are practitioners all over the world how does it get better than that? (more info here).

  6. Do some thing fun for yourself

  7. Remember the universe always has your back even when sometimes it may not seem that way. What if everything and every situation was working for you in someway?

  8. Go outside and get some space in nature

  9. Watch a bit of Netflix and chill or better yet “Netflix & chill” whatever one will create more for you, you know.

  10. Trust yourself and know that you have wings and you can fly now (metaphorically speaking that is) .

  11. Take some slow deep breaths with your hand on your heart.

With Joy & gratitude,

Randa xx

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