What is The Access bars?

Have you been wondering what the access consciousness bars are?

Access bars is a gentle touch therapy.

"The bars" as I like to call them are 32 different points located on and around your head that correlate with different areas of life, such as MONEY, BODIES, JOY and HEALING to name a few.

I like to use this example of what it can be like when receiving a sessions. Have you ever watched the TV show hoarders? Well if you haven't it's a show about you guessed it hoarders. Wonderful people who have accumulated all kinds of "stuff' in their homes.

Some have so much there is literally no "space to move". Some of these people become incredibly depressed and anxious as a result to all the "stuff" they are hoarding.

Having an access bars session is like clearing out all the "stuff and junk" or points of view you've had stuck in your head.

Creating space for you move around again and be light.

But of course you are the one in charge of your home and your mind so you can fill it right up again if you like. Or you can choose to keep it Spacious in there.

I get my bars run as often as I can. The space is creates is just so magical for me. It's incredibly relaxing and has the same effect on your brain as if you are a master meditator.

The bars can also contribute to changing anxiety, ptsd and depression.

A session last for about an hour and half and all you have to do is lay down relax and receive. Find out more here https://www.breathe-receive.com/access-bars.

Are you ready to set yourself free?

Is now the moment for you?

How can I contribute to you?

With ease, joy and glory,

Randa x

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