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What’s in your wallet Santa?

Cash? Notes? Coins? Cards?

It's here, the festive season or the SPENDING SEASON?

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Do you max out your credit cards or end up with little or no money from buying gifts for the season?

What if you could enjoy gifting and receiving this time of year without putting your self into a financial black hole?

How can you do this you may be thinking? Well what if it's as simple as asking a question before you buy?

Every time you go to buy a present you can ask this question...

Will this person actually receive this gift?

What I mean is this, have you ever given or received a gift that was so thoughtful that you felt all warm and fuzzy inside?

If so, you truly received the gift and so did the person giving the gift, simultaneously! It's like nature when the sun shines on a beautiful flower ahhh.

So if you ask the question above and get a sense that the present you're about to pay for using your hard earned cash on will not be received.

Simply do not buy it!!

Move on. You are not Father Christmas.

What would it take for all of us to start to receive the gift we are to each other?

What if this festive season we can be the gift we are with the added ingredient of Gratitude without having to prove anything to anyone by the gifts we choose to buy.

If you haven't listened already to Breathe-Receive podcast episode Money and Gratitude check if out for some tips and tricks on changing your financial reality. How does it get better than this?

Happy conscious spending.

I wonder what magical possibilities are now available with money that we have never considered?

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