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What's right with you?

What's wrong with you? A mother shouts to her four year old or so as he runs through the sprinklers on warm summer's day in the exquisite landscape of the Kent English countryside.

I had just rode my bicycle through the water and filmed it on my instagram story and thought Oh what fun can I have today? I felt like a kid again and for those few moment true joy rushed through my being just from the silly fun choice I made

How many times in our lives from birth have we heard this question of what's wrong with you? Our parents most likely start the trend, which they heard from theres and then there's teachers and all those who we look up to as small children. Do we then begin to answer the question in our little beautiful minds of all the possible things that could be wrong with us, then wonder why life begins to feel like a endless struggle from there on.

From this moment on I challenge you to ask a different question.

What's right with you?

If you're up for it anytime that question of what's wrong with me? pops into your majestic mind stop and choose to ask a new question, that's right you guessed it!

What's right with me?

Just do it, it's so easy. See how life begins to change around you and how you and the world begins to acknowledge all that is right about you.

If you think it sounds cheesy to go around asking people what's right with you? (I do by the way)

Then at the very least don't ask the opposite!

Thanks for reading.

And remember, what's right with you?


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